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Synergy® Assessment is a collaborative platform for creating and administering tests, measuring and analyzing student performance, and advancing student learning. See real-time results from all test types in one place, track progress for all students and student subgroups, pinpoint areas where students are struggling, and group students for differentiated instruction. Synergy Assessment provides the tools and insights you need to help students thrive. 

Test Management

Assess Student Learning & Mastery

Administer standards-aligned tests at the student, classroom, school, and district level, including exit tickets, classroom formative assessments, observations, district benchmarks, and summative assessments. Tests can be imported, adapted from existing tests, or created from scratch. The Stepper tool makes creating a test intuitive even for brand new users.

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Get Instant Results for Responsive Teaching

Perform quick learning checks and personalize instruction on the fly based on student results, creating breakout groups with just a couple of clicks. Watch the Live Dashboard to see which students are on task, who might need help, and who has finished the test, along with correct and incorrect responses, partial responses, skipped responses, and overall question statistics.

Desktop Responsive Teaching

Create Customized Question, Test & Passage Banks

Use standards-aligned banks from our partners and/or build customizable banks from scratch. Author more than a dozen question types, including content-rich items and technology-enhanced items, and use robust scoring options to test for student mastery.

Centralize Test Management

Manage tests at the district, school, or classroom level, with access restrictions for district tests that ensure only administrators can view, schedule, and edit them.

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Provide Accommodations & Feedback

Enable accommodations for all test takers, or personalize available accommodations according to the needs of each student, with color adjustment tools, a zoom tool for magnification, text-to-speech capabilities, and more. Post-assessment feedback can be provided right away or after the testing window has closed via the StudentVUE® or ParentVUE® portal, with options ranging from no feedback or minimal feedback to full feedback. Teachers at districts with Synergy LMS can also provide content resources before and after a test, aligned to the standards assessed.

Prepare for High-Stakes Tests

Include technology-enhanced items to assess higher-order thinking and give students practice on the same rigorous question types they will encounter on high-stakes tests.

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Allow for Flexibility

Administer tests online or print bubble sheets and scan responses with a webcam for instant scoring. Existing tests can be uploaded in PDF format to make them interactive online tests.

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Optional Pre-Built Item & Assessment Banks

Get started right away administering expertly written, high-quality tests to students with solutions from Edupoint’s trusted assessment partners. Both the Inspect® Plus item and assessment bank by Key Data Systems and the Mastery Item Bank™ by Instructure® can be added to Synergy Assessment, making their content accessible alongside other questions and tests for quick and easy use.

Inspect & Mastery

Performance Analytics & Reporting

Interactive Role-Based Dashboards

Synergy Assessment features easy-to-use dashboards for all user types. Teachers see results for their classes, principals see results for their school, and district administrators see districtwide results – all in real time. Users can:

  • Analyze results by standard and create breakout groups
  • Find out which concepts may require re-teaching
  • Identify test questions that should be rewritten or replaced to improve fidelity
  • View assessment results side-by-side to compare subgroups and identify trends
  • Save frequently used filter sets as favorites
  • Drill down for more detail
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Assessment Reports

20+ Pre-Built Reports

Built-in reports provide key information at the teacher, school, and district level in an attractive, easy-to-share format.

Teacher Reports

Teachers can access the individual and overall student performance data they need most often in a quick-access, easy-to-print format.

Next-Level Analysis

Supercharge your data analysis with the seamlessly integrated Synergy Analytics module.