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Plan curriculum and instruction, deliver course content, and adapt to changing conditions and requirements while keeping the focus on student learning outcomes, not technology. Synergy® LMS is flexible, engaging, scalable, and easy to use.

Powerful Learning Management

Course Content Delivery

Build complete, interactive, and highly engaging online courses you can share with teachers in their gradebooks. Roll out new courses to small groups of teachers – Algebra I teachers at a pilot school, for example – and then rapidly scale up distribution as needed. Courses and assignments can be aligned to district and state standards for mastery-based learning, and flexible templates make it simple for authors to format pages and embed a variety of rich content types, including: 

  • Videos
  • Google Driveā„¢ Files
  • Assignments
  • Images
  • Microsoft OneDriveā„¢ Files
  • Calendars
  • Discussions
  • Nearly 400 LTI Learning Apps

District Course Curriculum

Easily build out the scope and sequence for all of your Synergy LMS courses. An intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes the process a breeze, automatically mapping your curriculum items to your district calendar as you sequence them.

Support for Remote & Blended Learning

Support synchronous and asynchronous learning with 24/7 student access via StudentVUE web portal or mobile app. Integrated Zoom® video conferencing allows teachers to deliver real-time instruction in a virtual classroom setting with video, audio, breakout rooms, chat, screen sharing, and file sharing. Classes can be recorded for later viewing by students who are unable to attend live classes, and teachers can set up meetings for small group instruction, one-to-one student conferences, and parent-teacher conferences. (Teacher Zoom plans separate and required.)

Flexibility for Teachers

Allow teachers to add district course content to their own classes and modify the course content sequence on their course curriculum calendar.

Within a Comprehensive Teaching & Learning Ecosystem

Synergy LMS works seamlessly with other Synergy modules to deliver robust teaching and learning capabilities with no integration required.

High-Quality Assessment & Meaningful Analytics

Synergy® Assessment is a collaborative platform for creating and administering assessments, measuring and analyzing student performance, and advancing student achievement. Easily build formative, summative, and benchmark assessments that are aligned to standards and stored centrally for shared access anywhere in your district. Real-time results from all assessment types can be viewed in one place, and progress tracked for all students and student subgroups. Students can take assessments and view performance feedback in the StudentVUE® portal, and teachers get instant results so they can identify learning gaps right away and adapt instruction to meet each student’s specific needs. 

Robust Teacher Portal With Gradebook

The TeacherVUE® portal and gradebook are home base for access to Synergy LMS and all of the tools teachers use in the classroom each day. A 360° profile of every student gives teachers insight into each student’s unique needs. Teachers can create rich course and assignment content, receive student work in Digital Dropbox, and grade it in Dropbox Grader with annotations, rubric scoring, and real-time feedback to students. Built-in student performance analysis makes it easy for teachers to tailor and differentiate instruction, and deep integration with Google Classroom™, Google Drive™, Microsoft OneDrive™, and over 400 LTI learning apps provides a seamless user experience for teachers and students. Synergy Mail makes it easy for teachers to communicate with students and parents on a 1:1 basis or in groups, with automatic translation of messages to and from parents in their preferred language for an inclusive school-home connection.

Direct Access to the Classroom, 24/7

Students access everything they need in the StudentVUE® web portal or mobile app, including course content, assignments, video conferences, assessments, grades, standards mastery, class information, opt-in notifications, and more. Parents have access to most of the same information and tools in ParentVUE®, including Synergy Mail with automatic translation of messages to and from a parent’s preferred language.

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