As thought leaders in the world of student information systems, our senior executives have set the standard for K-12 student data management solutions for over thirty years. Our commitment is simple: provide innovative, forward-thinking software solutions matched with responsive, expert customer service and support.

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Edupoint Leadership Team


Mike Lehrack

Vice President, Instructional Applications & Chief Instructional Officer

Mike’s experience in instructional software development spans almost 20 years. He founded GradeWorks and led the development of standards-based gradebook and report card software, and was a successful CIO at ETS Instructional Data Management Systems, delivering instructional technology to improve student achievement.

At Edupoint, Mike is focused on harnessing the data collected by teachers in the classroom, and using it to inform instruction. He’s Edupoint’s expert on Common Core and assessment technology, and has been integral to the company’s growth in curriculum management, learning management, and assessment areas.