The Inspect® Plus item bank and assessment suite, available through our partnership with Key Data Systems, enables educators to get started right away administering assessments or creating new assessments from items written and vetted by experts. Inspect Plus can be added to Synergy Assessment and accessed alongside other items and assessments for streamlined delivery. Data analysis in Synergy Assessment includes results from Inspect assessments, and teachers receive specific feedback from Inspect so they can quickly adjust instruction to improve student learning.

Inspect Assessment Suite

Inspect Plus comes with more than 300 pre-built assessments including summatives, end-of-year, formatives, performance tasks, diagnostics, benchmarks, professionally translated Spanish language assessments, and more. These assessments can be used together throughout the year to complete a comprehensive assessment program that includes formative feedback and instructional guidance.

In addition, Key Data Systems provides Custom Cutpoints to support improved student achievement. Custom Cutpoints define and differentiate performance ranges to help districts:

  • Understand the relationship between student scores on Inspect assessment and specific high-stakes assessments
  • Customize Synergy Assessment analysis bands to more accurately identify students in need of targeted instruction and intervention

Custom Cutpoints can be applied to any district assessment built from the Inspect Item Bank as well as to pre-built assessments.

Inspect Item Bank

Every Inspect Plus item is professionally written, unanimously approved by multiple content experts, aligned to the appropriate standard(s), and reviewed for bias, sensitivity concerns, and rigor. Innovative item types include technology-enhanced items, constructed-response items, and performance tasks, providing deeper insights into student comprehension of rigorous content. Statistical data are collected to ensure items and assessments in the bank are reliable and valid.