The Mastery Item Bank™, available through our partnership with Instructure®, enables educators to get started right away creating new assessments from expertly developed items. Mastery Item Bank can be added to Synergy Assessment and accessed alongside other items and assessments for streamlined delivery. Data analysis in Synergy Assessment includes results from Mastery assessments.

Mastery Item Bank

Mastery Item Bank consists of over 90,000 high-quality, standards-based items that enable educators to quickly measure student performance. Every Mastery Item Bank item is developed by a team of experts through a rigorous, multi-step process for developing and maintaining items of the highest quality. Items are subject to stringent writing guidelines, aligned to standards, reviewed for bias and sensitivity, and checked for quality at each step. 

Mastery Progress Checks

Mastery Progress Checks are pre-built assessments that allow educators to quickly measure student performance relative to a standard or set of standards to inform instruction. These mini assessments are developed by content professionals who have experience and specialized training in test construction. Progress Checks are designed to be flexible and modular and can be combined to create longer, more in-depth assessments.