Synergy Education Platform

Synergy Student Information System (SIS) provides all the data and process management functionality you expect from a world-class SIS, while extending beyond traditional SIS boundaries to deliver greater value. As part of the enterprise-level Synergy Education Platform (Synergy EP®), Synergy SIS helps your district do more, saving time and money while helping to improve educational outcomes.

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Powerful K-12 Student Data Management

Built To Fit The Way You Work

Deep Functionality

Synergy SIS offers the richest feature set in the industry to help you manage student data, improve accuracy, simplify and automate processes and increase productivity. Your data is entered once and available in real-time throughout Synergy Education Platform (Synergy EP®) to maximize connectedness and simplify student information management from registration through graduation.

TeacherVUE Portal With Robust Gradebook

The TeacherVUE portal provides powerful classroom management and communication tools that make everyday tasks faster and easier for teachers, along with a powerful gradebook. The built-in TeacherVUE gradebook offers highly flexible grading options and built-in data analysis that help teachers track student progress, differentiate instruction, and provide effective, timely interventions to students who require extra support. 

Exceptional Data Access for Reporting & Analysis

Synergy SIS combines robust data analysis with extensive reporting and sharing options to analyze data, identify issues and trends, and ensure that stakeholders get the information they need to solve problems and support student learning.


Highly Configurable to Help You Work the Way You Do


Synergy SIS provides unmatched flexibility to meet your district’s specific needs and match processes already in place. The technology framework underlying Synergy Education Platform includes extensive configuration options out of the box, and Synergy Technology Development Toolkit can be licensed by districts along with Synergy source code for rapidly developing custom applications that are fully integrated to the SIS.


Highest Level Data Security

Protecting our customers’ sensitive data is a top priority at Edupoint. ST provides the highest level of privacy and security in compliance with FERPA and HIPAA requirements, with full field-level security systemwide.


Custom Data Validation & Rules Engine

Data insights are only as good as the data from which they are derived, so Synergy includes safeguards to preserve data integrity and eliminate redundancies platformwide.

Easy to Use, With a Great Design

We know that getting buy-in from end users is critical to the success of any software implementation. That’s why we’ve designed Synergy to be intuitive to use and personalize from day one – even for beginners – reducing training costs and minimizing inefficiency while users get up to speed.

Always on the Cutting Edge

When you partner with Edupoint, you partner with an industry leader that has been setting the standard in K-12 student information management for 30+ years. We constantly look to the future and anticipate change, evolving Synergy to better serve every stakeholder in our 5000+ customer schools. 

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Synergy SIS Is A Certified Ed-Fi Partner

Synergy SIS at Lincoln Public Schools

Synergy SIS at Lincoln Public Schools

Lincoln Public Schools, Nebraska's second largest school district, found an online ecosystem for student data management with Edupoint’s Synergy SIS, which enables the district to centralize student data and make extensive customizations independently on the district's own timeline.