A Technology Framework That Evolves With Your District

Synergy Technology

Synergy® Technology (ST) is the framework that powers Synergy SIS and the entire Synergy Education Platform. Built on a solid Microsoft .NET foundation, Synergy is designed to meet the challenges of large K-12 school districts while easily supporting the needs of smaller districts. ST provides superior performance and reliability as well as unmatched extensibility, scalability and supportability – so you can be confident that as your district’s needs grow, Synergy will grow along with you.

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As Strong As You Want, As Flexible As You Need

Out-of-the-Box Convenience

Synergy is a commercial-off-the-shelf solution, with pre-defined functionality to get districts started quickly. As a true web application, Synergy can be accessed from anywhere, 24/7, with any standard web browser. 

Flexible & Customizable

The ST framework is built for maximum flexibility to match the needs of any district. Customizations can be applied instantly districtwide without disrupting logged-in users, and are protected in new releases.

Unparalleled Access to Data

It’s your data, and you should be able to use it whenever and however you want. ST gives you the data access you need, with robust reporting and easy sharing.

Highest Level Data Security

Protecting our customers’ sensitive data is a top priority at Edupoint. ST provides the highest level of privacy and security in compliance with FERPA and HIPAA requirements, with full field-level security systemwide.

Custom Data Validation & Rules Engine

Data insights are only as good as the data from which they are derived, so ST includes safeguards to preserve data integrity and eliminate redundancies platformwide.

Ease of Third-Party Integrations

Automatic data import and extraction enables seamless integration with third-party solutions such as transportation or food service programs.

Create Custom Solutions

Extend Synergy’s value by licensing the ST framework and Synergy application source code so you can enhance existing modules and rapidly develop custom applications to match your district’s specific needs.

Access Advanced Features

With an ST license, developers get access to the Synergy database, security, navigation, consistent user interface (UI), graphical user interface (GUI) designer, integrated report writer, organizational hierarchy, workflow management, ad hoc query and many other features.

Take Control

Make broad customizations within Synergy as your district evolves over time, reducing your dependence on Edupoint and associated technical support costs.

Success in Wyoming, MI

Success in Wyoming, MI

Wyoming Public Schools was looking for an SIS solution that could match the functionality of their previous system, which the district had heavily customized over 20 years of use. Learn how the district found what it needed in Synergy Technology.

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